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Our Future

As the famous saying goes, actions speak louder than words, Asian Dhol Federation moved forward in overdrive as they were awarded the Best Dhol Group Champions in 2014, just three months after they were formed. Each and every member, or rather Dholis are high skilled and dedicated, some with at least a decade of playing the Dhol.

Being united, not just for the sake of friendship, but for the love of the dhol is what has made Asian Dhol Federation strive for excellence in this art of playing the dhol in the way it was intended for. To create unity amongst the upcoming dholis as well as to uphold this timeless tradition of playing this beautiful instrument is the lifeline which Asian Dhol Federation intends to uphold.

Asian Dhol Federation also provides dhol lessons for those intending to learn the art of playing the dhol effectively at our studio in Ipoh. This is our main intention to enhance as well as encourage the art of playing the dhol.

Now, there is hardly a weekend that is free as the Asian Dhol Federation is constantly invited to perform at Clubs, Wedding Dinners, Corporate Functions and other events.

Who Are We?

In the very beginning, in 2013, a small group of Dhol players or Dholis were meeting and practicing various beats and rythms at their homes on weekends and during their free time in the evenings.

They were led by Mr Harvinder Singh aka BigK, who guided them how to handle and play the dhol effectively. During their practice sessions, BigK soon saw their potential and decided to renovate a shoplot in Ipoh to build a music studio for them to push their playing capabilities to the maximum without having to worry about disturbing the neighbourhood.

It was then, in December 2013, when the Asian Dhol Federation was first initiated.The formation did not just happen overnight. After several weeks practicing under BigK, a Dhol Master was specially brought in by BigK and thus commencing the uphill task of training. All dholis spent very long hours at night practicing hard under the strict guidance of the Dhol Master, who just wanted us to be our best with no short cuts.

Now, there is hardly a weekend that is free as the Asian Dhol Federation is constantly invited to perform at Clubs, Wedding Dinners, Corporate Functions and other events.

Our Motto

Asian Dhol Federation insists that every performance by its members has to be of superior standards. We do not believe in sending sub-standard dholis to any events as we carry our name and branding very seriously.

All our dholis are a breed above the rest as we are highly skilled and talented and driven by the strict principles thought by our families, BigK and the invaluable skills and talent handed down from the great dhol masters have made us humble, yet strong.

We take great pride during every performance, as we only perform to our own content and music without guilt of riding on someone else’s success, especially in the Dhol World Music genre.

Asian Dhol Federation walks tall in the Malaysian and International Dhol Music scene.

"BigK registered the group for The Dholi’s Got Talent as he had the confidence in their hard work. It was beyond belief that they won as fresh starters and were honoured as the Champions of South East Asia. That day onwards, they were inundated with many phone calls for performances and so their journey in performing worldwide began. "

All About The Artists We Represent

Gurperit Gill

Formed In


Born on 27 January 1990 and being the second out of four siblings was quite an uphill task trying to convince his family that he loved playing music much more than academic qualifications, I managed to win my mother over and her encouragement had fuelled my burning desire to hold fast to my love of my life, playing the Dhol.
I started showing great interest as early as 5 when I started banging on milk tins, pretending to be playing on a real dhol.

My real break came at the age of 12 when I was given my first ever Dhol.

I started playing with my group of friends who were fresh “Dholis” (dhol players) and moved along with several dhol groups, gathering knowledge and sharpening my playing skills.

My life totally took an about turn when I literally bumped into Harvinder Singh aka BigK who saw the talent in me and took me under his pupillage to groom me into a true to life “Dholi” (dhol player).

With a few other students, we were literally “tortured” (in training) as BigK had big plans for all of us, thus the journey of the Asian Dhol Federation began. BigK invested his lifetime knowledge of playing the dhol and even had a few famous Dhol Masters from India to come to fine tune me and my group members into professionals.
After about 10 solid months of vigorous and long hours at night, after our school and college, we gathered nightly at a studio set up by BigK.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr Harvinder Singh aka BigK for his commitment as well as giving me his ultimate trust in picking me from being a nobody and sculpting me into a somebody with talent, name and respect in the Dhol playing world.

Now, I am tutoring junior “dholis” (as Master and Academy Manager) at the Punjabi Music Academy, set up by my mentor, BigK.

At the Punjabi Music Academy, we groom new talent and shape young upcoming dhol players who share the same dreams and aspirations as me and BigK, to be the best “Dholis”.

Veshvinder Singh

Formed In


Veshvinder Singh also known as Veshvin is the youngest son out of two.

At the tender age of 13 onwards, he was already making inroads in the music scene as the youngest DJ and was spinning music at wedding functions and birthday parties.

Whilst spinning bhangra beats as well as listening to live dhol performances, he slowly shifted his interest towards playing the traditional Punjabi instrument, the Dhol.

Started playing the dhol from age 16 and during the earlier times, played the dhol with several dhol groups.

His career in playing the dhol took off after meeting Mr Harvinder Singh aka BigK, who himself was a keen dhol player or dholi.

In the year 2013, BigK got together several boys under his charge and opened a music studio in Taman Mas, Buntong, which eventually became the launch pad for the Asian Dhol Federation.

In closing, Veshvin would like to say that his knowledge in playing the dhol has not ended, it is the stepping stone for more to come and a lot more to be learnt and practiced.

Manjeff Singh

Formed In


Every individual has a story to tell behind their success and this is mine. I’m Manjeff Singh Sandhu, known professionally as Jeff Sandhu. Turning 20 this year, I’m currently pursuing my studies in Culinary Arts. Weird as you may say, how my career doesn’t sync well with my passion in the music scene, namely playing the dhol.

I realised the unconditional love and passion for the dhol when I first saw and heard my father executing a unique rhythm just by hitting the drum. I soon followed my father’s footsteps ever since then, quietly sneaking to play his dhol in his absence.

However, I am now proud to say that I had learnt the beats all by myself at the tender age of 5. My mother has always emboldened me to enrol myself in this art albeit the taunts and discouragement from my father. She is undoubtedly the pillar of where I am standing now, as a professional dholi.

Previously, I joined a few dhol troops to enhance and portray my talent. I started performing on stage at the age of 9 although I had cold feet and fear of performing before spectators. Years passed on and I overcame my cold feet as I had gained vast experience in performing and one fine day, I came across a talented yet humble individual, Mr. Harvinder Singh aka BigK.

He is the man behind the scene who initiated a dhol group comprising of 5 members now known as Asian Dhol Federation (ADF). After ADF was formed, we were actively involved in operating our very own musical academy and studio. As we were still amateurs in the dhol industry, BigK, hired a professionally acclaimed dhol master to share and teach us new beats and rythms. Personally, I learnt how to be more disciplined as well as we had to train hard every night, as to achieve success was not an easy task.

I would not say that I am experienced because I know I still have a long way to go. However, with the knowledge that I have within me, I am willing to teach those who are interested in learning dhol. What I have learnt throughout this whole stretch of time is that you cannot be successful without perseverance and in achieving success, no pain, no gain.

Palvinderjit Singh

Formed In


Palvinderjit Singh or more fondly known as Palvin is one of the five initial group members of the Asian Dhol Federation.

The journey of Palvin into the music scene, more aptly, the performing arts of playing the Dhol (a wooden drum carved out of a solid tree trunk) began at the tender age of 11 when he started showing great interest in musical instruments.

His interest took off at age 12 when he received his first dhol from his brother as his birthday gift.
From then onwards, whenever he has time after school, Palvin began practicing the dhol at home with friends but without proper guidance or training.

In early 2013, together with several other boys, were invited by Mr Harvinder Singh aka BigK to start a proper dhol group with proper facilities, a proper studio for classes. The studio was quickly set up within four months at Taman Mas, Buntong.

Now, Palvin, together with the other members of the Asian Dhol Federation have carved their name in the International Bhangra Scene and are actively performing at Clubs, Wedding Functions and other events.

Rajvinder Singh

Formed In


Rajvinder Singh, or fondly known as Dholi Rajvin was born in the year 1994 and is the last sibling out of four.

Rajvin started his love for the Dhol when he was in secondary school at the age of 15. His love for the Dhol received full support from his parents and elder brother, Gurperit Singh, who also shares a similar passion.

He received his first Dhol, a gift purchased by his parents, at the age of 17, which further fuelled his passion and fire of being a professional Dholi.

Constantly receiving coaching and guidance from his elder brother, Rajvin pushed on his passion for Dhols and trained on his own time, perfecting his strokes and beats.

He completed his secondary education at SMK (Methodist) ACS, Ipoh and is currently pursuing an Engineering Course (Mechatronics) at Perak Institute of Technology, Ipoh.

His passion was fast forwarded when his brother, who joined a Dhol Group known as the Asian Dhol Federation, in 2014, invited Rajvin to be a part of the dhol legends, aptly known as ADF.

Till date, Dholi Rajvin, has performed, alongside other members of ADF in many wedding receptions, parties, corporate events and also in nightspots, whilst actively pursuing his studies on weekdays.

In closing, Dholi Rajvin would like to advise all the young dholis out there to be humble when receiving advice and guidance during their dhol practice sessions, respect your master and equipment and just be yourself.

Amardeep Singh

Formed In


Born in the year 1995 and being the youngest of four siblings, Amardeep Singh has just turned 21 this year.
His interest in music has been since the tender age of 6 years when he began to learn to play the table at the local gurdwara and looking at his keen interest in this instrument, his uncle presented him with his first table at the age 7.

A few years later, he was playing the tabla at the local gurdwaras and joined a table competition, coming out as the Champion.Very soon after, his interest shifted towards playing the Dhol, being inspired by Johnny Kalsi from the United Kingdom. Despite not having his own dhol, he did not quit just there.

He pestered his sister for a dhol for several years and only in 2011 was he given his very first dhol. And as repayment, he had to perform solo for her wedding reception! Amardeep’s dhol journey began shortly afterwards when he started playing solo for several small events. His dream of being a professional dhol player or dholi had now begun taking shape.

In 2014 he was introduced to Mr Harvinder Singh aka BigK and after several weeks, was offered to join him to train to be a professional dholi.

Being a member of the Asian Dhol Federation was not an easy task, it was with much blood, sweat and tears, that Amardeep is now a professional dholi.

Despite being constantly called upon to play alongside his group members, Amardeep also has a another passion, being a DJ as well as a sound engineer for Asian Dhol Federation.

"With the persistence and more hard work on their part and the undying commitment of BigK to making the Asian Dhol Federation known in the eyes of the world, they released their first ever album, entitled Drum Lords, an apt title for Southeast Asia’s Best Dhol Group also in 2014."

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